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Use of cookies

For the proper operation of our website Stoffenmanager® uses cookies. These cookies are used for the operation of our software and for keeping anonymous statistics on visitor numbers. Cookies are not shared with third-parties or used for marketing purposes.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer by the website you are visiting so that this information can be retrieved again later.  With Stoffenmanager®, for example, this includes your log-in token so that you do not have to log in for each visit if the "remember me" option is selected.

Only the website that placed the cookie on your computer can retrieve the cookie. Other websites cannot retrieve Stoffenmanager® cookies. You can view and, if you wish, remove your cookies using your browser software. Cookies are necessary for the operation of Stoffenmanager®.

Technically necessary cookies

When you log in on Stoffenmanager®, a cookie or the local storage of your browser is used to register that you are logged in and what your preferences are (such as preferred language or selected filters). This is technically necessary for the operation of the application. Sensitive information (log-in token) is encrypted using AES Encryption and can only be retrieved by A cookie does not store your log-in name and password. This storage is short-lived and is removed nearly every time you close your browser.

The cookie that is placed for easy log-in upon your next visit to the website when the option 'Stay logged in' is ticked, will not be removed when you close your browser. Never select this option when using a public computer or a computer that you share with others. You can remove this cookie yourself using your browser settings or by using the log-off option in Stoffenmanager®.

Google Analytics cookie

Stoffenmanager® uses Google Analytics to keep anonymous track of how many people use Stoffenmanager® as well as of the technical information related to those visits. This includes which browser and which operating system is used. We do this to improve our insight into our user group with a view to future developments. These statistics are not used for commercial purposes by Stoffenmanager® and are anonymised. We cannot see who you are or what you did on the website. We can only see that an x number of our visitors used Firefox and an x number used Internet Explorer.

This cookie is placed by Google, but Cosanta has specified to Google in Google Analytics that it may not use the data. For further information on the Google Analytics privacy terms and conditions, see the Google privacy statement and Google Analytics and Cookies.